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Travel solo with us, just like more than a fifth of our customers do The Taj Mahal, page 144 There's a surprising variety of departures reserved exclusively for our solo travellers. Whether you want to relax at a hotel or explore on a tour, you can be as sociable or as independent as you wish on a hassle-free holiday just for you.. Best of South Africa 16 A World in One Country 18 Where Oceans Meet 22 In the Footsteps of Livingstone 40 Charting the Mighty Zambezi 42 On the Trail of Giants 44 Where Deserts Meet 46 Ethiopia: An Antique Land 54 Enchanting Mauritius: An Island Discovery 58 Island Contrasts of the Indian Ocean 62 Highlights of Eastern Canada 78 Colours of New England 82 Viva Cuba 98 Jewels of the Caribbean 106 The Jewel of Central America 112 Highlights of Peru 122 Caucasus Calling 138 Uzbekistan: Heart of the Silk Route 140 The Golden Triangle and Tiger Trail 144 Himalayan Heritage Trail 152 South India: A Grand Tour 160 Wonders of India and Nepal 166 In the Shadow of the Himalayas 168 Sri Lankan Adventure 172 Japan: Land of the Rising Sun 184 Grand Tour of China 194 China: Land of the Dragon 196 Vietnam Discoveries, Cambodian Treasures 200 Borneo Rainforest Adventure 216 Australian Adventure 224 New Zealand Contrasts 226 New Zealand Adventure 228 230