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A few other details How our discounts work On all cruises we set aside a number of cabins within each grade at a discounted fare, with the highest discount of 35% available on selected grades. These cabins are sold on a first come, first served basis. As cabins are sold, the discount begins to reduce, and continues to reduce, until those selected cabins are sold. This means that the earlier you book, the higher the chance of securing a greater discount. Our price panels clearly show the full cruise price, along with the current discounted fare. Please note: During busy periods for holiday bookings, the early booking discount can reduce rapidly, and although the price panels are correct at the time of going to press we cannot guarantee that the discounted fares will still be available when you call to book. Your travel agent will be able to advise the best fares when you visit. This brochure includes cruises which have been previously advertised at a discount, therefore the cabin availability at the offer prices may now be limited. We recommend that you book early to benefit from the best booking discounts and to secure your preferred cabin and grade. When promoting new cruises for the first time, we contact customers on our Advance Registration list first, allowing them to secure the cabin of their choice and benefit from the best savings. Our brochures are then sent out to loyalty club members first, followed by past cruisegoers and then everyone else. this offer. Note that twin cabins may have two single beds or a double bed. To see the prices of our Inside/Outside or Standard/Superior Balcony Guarantees, look out for the symbol in the price panels. Love it first time Available to guests that have not previously cruised aboard Saga Rose, Saga Pearl, Saga Ruby, Quest for Adventure, Spirit of Adventure, Saga Pearl II or Saga Sapphire, and are booking their first Saga ocean cruise aboard Spirit of Discovery, Spirit of Adventure, Saga Sapphire or Saga Pearl II. We guarantee you will love your first cruise, or will refund your fare! To take advantage of the guarantee you must state your intention on board to the Hotel Director during the first 72 hours of your cruise at the latest (for cruises seven nights or over; during the first 48 hours for cruises under seven nights). They will endeavour to resolve any issues; if a solution cannot be agreed, Saga will cover costs for your return transport home at the next available port, and refund the fare that you have paid for your cruise (we will not refund any costs you have incurred for items not purchased directly through Saga, such as overnight accommodation or third-party insurance). The guarantee does not affect Saga's standard booking conditions or pre-departure cancellation policy. Further terms and conditions may apply. Our Price Promise Should we ever cut our prices or bring in a new special offer later on, we'll work out the difference and pass the value of the saving back to you. Please note: This applies as long as the discounted holiday is the same package offered under the same terms of sale (which means the full terms that apply to your holiday contract, including your cabin grade and whether your cabin is allocated at the time of booking or at embarkation). Optional ad-hoc services are excluded. In calculating any possible saving due, we'll take into consideration all offers and discounts that were applied at the time of booking and compare the overall price that you've been charged with the current price. For cruises, we will pass on the value of the saving in the form of a higher grade cabin, on-board credit or other value added benefit. Insurance policy Because it's important to be adequately insured when you travel abroad, we offer optional comprehensive travel insurance, underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, and additional cancellation rights with all our overseas holidays. If you are suffering from, or in the last 12 months have suffered from, an illness that has required treatment from a doctor, you must advise us and we'll confirm whether you can be covered under this insurance. A full summary of the optional travel insurance will be provided with your booking confirmation. Cover is available to UK residents only and subject to medical screening. Terms and conditions apply. If you have your own insurance, we will offer you the holiday at a lower price speak to your travel agent for further details. Great for groups Did you know that Saga regularly takes groups of friends on cruises every year? If you enjoy each other's company, are in a club or society, or have a special occasion to celebrate, contact our Group Travel Department to see how we can help. There are so many benefits with travelling together, including free places for one person in ten, subject to terms and conditions. Special offers You can save over 3000 per cabin on selected cruises for a limited time only. Exact amount depends on your chosen cruise and cabin grade. Savings are per person, off the current fare at time of booking, and are applicable to new bookings only. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, and are for a limited time only. A note about special offers The offers in this brochure supersede any previously advertised offers and unless stated otherwise cannot be combined. Offers are applicable to new bookings only and for any existing booking disadvantaged by new offers, the Price Promise will apply. Saga reserves the right to extend, reduce or withdraw offers at any time without notice. Save 10% when you book a second cruise Why not stay on board for longer? You can make a further saving of 10% off the price of each consecutive cruise you book. This discount is off the current fare at the time of booking, after any other offers have been applied. It makes a longer voyage greater value for money. All-inclusive cruises Selected cruises are all inclusive, and include selected wines at lunch and dinner, Saga house-branded spirits, cocktails containing house-branded spirits, draught beer and lager, non-alcoholic cocktails, all mixers and soft drinks. Inside/Outside Guarantees The traditional way to book a cruise is to reserve your cabin number at the time of booking. However, if you've decided what type of cabin you want, but don't have a preference for a particular cabin or bed configuration, then our Inside/Outside Guarantees on Saga Sapphire or Standard Balcony or Single Superior Balcony cabins on Spirit of Discovery could be for you. You are guaranteed the minimum grade cabin in the category shown, just not the specific cabin. This will be allocated to you later on, sometimes as you embark the ship. If you choose not to accept your allocated cabin, which could be located anywhere on the ship, this is treated as a cancellation. There is the chance you may be upgraded, although this is subject to cabin availability and in no way forms part of 15