Saga Holidays - The British Isles Jan 2018-Mar 2019 Trade
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We can take you to some of the most beautiful coasts Take fascinating walks through the countryside Explore the UK your way... UNWIND Quite simply the most relaxing holidays you can imagine You'll have everything you need to while away the hours as you experience some much needed relaxation at these great-value hotels, which we've chosen for their excellent standards. There are plenty of opportunities to explore in the resort or simply relax beside the pool, and a Saga Representative will be available to help you make the most out of your stay. DISCOVER Adventures by road or rail, staying in handpicked accommodation along the way If you've always wanted to go island-hopping in Scotland, exploring the beautiful Isles of Scilly or delve into the history of the Channel Islands, then a Discover holiday can take you there. Each carefully crafted itinerary has been designed by our expert team to transport you to amazing places and enjoy incredible experiences. As you travel with your knowledgeable Tour Manager to a variety of sights and highlights you can relax knowing that all your transport and accommodation has been chosen with you in mind so all that's left for you to do is get out there and discover. We've rated these to help you decide what level feels right for you. 1. Travel three to four hours in a day, with a few days to relax in between. Any walking will be at a leisurely pace for a few hours. 2. Journey further for a little longer with a greater degree of walking, possibly over difficult terrain. 3. Longer journeys may be necessary, with occasionally strenuous excursions across rough terrain. This brochure features holidays departing January 2018-March 2019, whilst the prices given are valid from December 27, 2017-January 19, 2018 for a limited number of bookings. To avoid disappointment it's always best to book early because holidays can sell out fast and prices sometimes increase. Offers do not apply to some dates and destinations featured.