Saga Holidays - The British Isles Feb 2019-Mar 2020
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Contrasts of the Emerald Isle contd.

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To find out more visit The Titanic Belfast Museum Glenveagh National Park Stormont Giant's Causeway Legends of the Giant's Causeway This unusual rock formation has been attracting visitors for over 300 years, although it has been a feature of the County Antrim coastal landscape for far longer. Formed 50-60 million years ago, the Giant's Causeway encompasses over 40,000 massive black basalt columns that erupt sky bound out of the sea. These strange polygonal columns have helped scientists understand the great volcanic forces at work beneath the earth's surface, earning them a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. No wonder this immense natural pathway gave rise to legends of warring giants. The story goes that the Irish giant Finn MacCool built the pathway so he could reach Scotland without getting his feet wet. Unfortunately, the Scottish giant Benandonner, keen to spar with MacCool, uses the causeway to his advantage. However, after being outsmarted, he smashes it so McCool can't follow him back to Scotland! Prices from: Aug 6, 2019 Sep 10 6 nights 1149 1149 Contrasts of the Emerald Isle. Holiday code: TB099. All prices are s per person based on two people sharing, including savings as advertised and are subject to availability. Optional travel insurance: A reduction of 20 applies if you do not need the optional travel insurance and additional cancellation rights see page 53 for details. Single rooms: (supplement per person, per night): 41, subject to availability. TRAVEL INFORMATION: Prices based on return flights with EasyJet from Gatwick to Belfast. To book see page 53 and call FREE on 0800 414 441 or visit Please quote UG337 33