Saga Holidays - The Americas Jan-Nov 2021
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Experience this unique part of the world with Saga contd.

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Latin America Experience this unique part of the world with us... Archaeological treasures of the Yucatan On this archaeology-themed tour you'll visit the `lost' city of Palenque, which lay shrouded by jungle for some 1,000 years until its discovery in the 18th century. Watch the sunrise over the famous site of Chichen Itza ­ one of the greatest Mayan cities ­ with its mighty step pyramid, and venture into the jungle to visit the site of Kohunlich with its famous temple of masks. See page 45. Buenos Aires Take a tour of Buenos Aires, and see the Plaza de Mayo, the political heart of the city, with the Presidential Palace and the 18th-century cathedral. You also see the Plaza del Congreso, the largest in the city, and the Plaza de la República, with its 67-metre obelisk erected to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city. Your sightseeing tour continues with a drive around the Italian quarter of La Boca, and the elegant residential districts of La Recoleta and Palermo. See page 38. 31