Saga Holidays - Spirit of the Rhine 2021
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Discover more Spirit of Rhine offers the perfect chance to experience and discover more, with a range of Special Interest cruises. This includes wine tasting and art-themed itineraries, while music lovers will relish unique cruises dedicated to jazz and bands across the eras. A tour guide at your fingertips Spirit of the Rhine is a `quiet ship', with minimal announcements and interruptions. If you choose to listen to the informative commentaries as you're cruising gently by, you can use your free audio headset, which you'll find in your cabin. The same device will be used ashore to hear your guide speaking on excursions, so you won't miss a thing. Finally, you can use it for independent sightseeing. Simply take the headset with you, then set off to explore your way. Used with our interactive maps at selected ports, it's a fun and easy way to see the sights at your own pace and get the most out of your visits ashore. Look for the symbol on the cruise itinerary pages. Unique Experiences On selected cruises, you can enjoy our new Unique Experiences. These included and optional excursions reveal lesser-known sights that you wouldn't find on a `standard' tour, such as a foodie experience in Vienna and Amsterdam, beer tasting in Bratislava, and a canal cruise in Ghent. To book see page 51 and call FREE on 0800 300 400 or visit 13