Saga Holidays - Special Interest Holidays Nov 2019-Nov 2020
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Indulge your love of history in Menorca Explore the history and archaeology of Menorca, which has a history dating back over 3500 years. This is an island that has a high density of ancient sites from Neolithic times and the Bronze Age, as well as from its Roman and Moorish occupations. See page 78 Explore the gardens of Holland Cruise the Dutch and Belgian waterways aboard MS Bellejour or Rex Rheni and explore the glorious gardens of Keukenhof and Utrecht in spring and visit the Floralia flower show in Brussels. See page 41 Enjoy cycling in Croatia Discover some of the most scenic cycle routes in Croatia on this thrilling cycling holiday. Ride through traditional villages and seaside towns, through pine-scented mountains and verdant countryside. See page 96 5