Saga Holidays - Special Interest Holidays March 2019- May 2020

Walking contd.

Walking in Romantic Rhineland
Walking in the Andes

History and Archaeology

Step back in time
Roman Heritage of the North
Pompeii and Ancient Italy
Archaeology of Sicily
Ancient Egypt Revealed
Jordan Archeology Discovery
Archaeological Treasures of Cyprus
Crete and the Minoan Culture
Archaeology in Rhodes
Malt's Ancient Legacies
Croatia's' Hidden Treasures
Uzbekistan Unveiling History

Birdwatching and Wildlife

Prefect if you're wild about nature
Birdwatching in Croatia
Birdwatching in Almeria
Birdwatching in Huelva
Borneo Rainforest Wildlife Adventure
Birdwatching in Cadiz
Birdwatching in he Algarve
Whale Watching in the Azores

Art Appreciation

These holidays are a master stroke
The Dutch Golden Age A Voyage of Discovery
Art in the North East
Liverpool's Art Collection
Art Treasures of Birmingham
Art Across Four Counties for Solo Travellers
Fine Art in the West


Sure to inspire you
Gardens of the Cotswolds
Gardens of North wales
Gardens and Glasshouses
Gardens of North Devon
Summer Gardens of Dorset
A Garden Restoration Story for Solo Travellers
Summer Gardens of the South for Solo Travellers
Moorish and Modern Gardens of Spain
Wild Flora and Gardens of Tenerife
Croatia's Ancient Gardens and Forgotten Islands
The Floral Island of Madeira
Floral Delights of Holland
Gardens of the Sein
Wild Flora of the Cape
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

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Special Interest Holidays