Saga Holidays - Special Interest Collection March 2017-March 2018

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Special Interest Collection 2017


Make your interest special
Taking care of the little details
Indulge your passion


These music holidays will hit the right note…
Three Choirs Festival, Worcester
The Story of the MGM Musical
Heroes and Legends: the Sounds of the Movies
Celebrating Jane Austen
The Magic of Mantovani
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Classical Season at the Sage
The Gilbert & Sullivan Festival Weekend
Gilbert & Sullivan Festival
Waltzes of Andre Rieu and the Rhine
Andre Rieu - beautiful music, enchanting cities
Verona Opera Festival 2017
Puccini Opera Festival
Classical Music on the Danube
Alpine Brass Music Festival
Gilbert & Sullivan on the Douro
Gilbert & Sullivan on the Rhine
Rhythms of the Deep South


Get your toes tapping to lively rhythms…
Jazz in Dorset
Jazz and Swing at Sandbanks Peninsula
Jazz in Blackpool
New Orleans Jazz in Croatia
Jazz on the Dutch Waterways
Jazz on the Rhine
Jazz on the Douro


Trip the light fantastic and improve your fancy footwork…
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing in Bournemouth
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing in Tenerife

Art Appreciation

These holidays will leave a lasting impression…
Art Across Four Counties
Fine Art in the West
Art Treasures of Birmingham
Liverpool's Art Collections
Art in the North East
Art History in Malta
Amsterdam and the Golden Age of Dutch Art


Our latest photography holiday really captures the moment…
Capturing South Wales

History and Archaeology

These holidays will uncover something new…
Ancient Wessex and Stonehenge
Roman Heritage of the North

History and Archaeology contd.

Pompeii and Ancient Italy
Archaeology of Sicily
Malta's Ancient Legacies
Crete and the Minoan Culture
Archaeology in Rhodes
Archaeological Treasures of Cyprus
Croatia's Hidden Treasures
Ancient Egypt Revealed
Uzbekistan: Unveiling History


Take the time to smell the roses…
England's Great Glasshouses
A Plant-lover's Great Escape
Summer Gardens of Dorset
Gardens of South Wales
Gardens of the Cotswolds
A Garden Restoration Story
Moorish and Modern Gardens of Spain
Wild Flora and Gardens of Tenerife
The Floral Island of Madeira
The Gardens of Lake Garda
Croatia's Ancient Gardens and Forgotten Islands
Spring Flowers of Malta
Wild Flora of the Cape

Birdwatching and Wildlife

These holidays are perfect if you're wild about nature…
Birdwatching in the Isles of Scilly
Birdwatching in Punta Umbria
Birdwatching in Cadiz
Birdwatching in Almeria
Birdwatching in the Algarve
Birdwatching in Croatia
Birdwatching and Wildlife in St Lucia


It's time to put your best foot forward…
Walking in the New Forest
Walking in Jersey
Walking the Costa Brava
Walking in Calpe
Walking the Costa Blanca
Walking in Cadiz
Walking in Huelva
Walking the Way of St James
Walking in Minorca
Discovering the Western Algarve
Walking in Slovenia
Walking the Makarska Riviera
Walking in Montenegro
Walking in the Dolomites
Walking the Bay of Naples
Walking in Crete

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Special Interest Collection 2017