Saga Holidays - Solo Holidays January-December 2020 TRADE
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Solo Hosts and Tour Managers contd.

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"I have worked for Saga for around ten years, and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of ensuring each and every guest gets what they want from their holiday experience. What makes Saga guests special is their attitude to travel, their thirst for seeing, doing, tasting wherever they may be. What makes Saga special is their commitment to providing these opportunities in a comfortable, efficient and friendly atmosphere and I'm proud to be part of such a team." Elaine Rowe, Tour Manager "I have been working as a Resort Host for around 35 years. Ten years ago Saga asked me to look after a Solos group and I've never looked back! It was a wonderful experience and so rewarding. I spend more time with everybody than on a standard holiday and so get to know my guests so much better. Many guests I now think of as true friends as I see them time and again on various Saga Solo holidays. It's also wonderful when guests arrive for their first holiday on their own, full of trepidation and then before the week is out they're booking another Solos holiday with me because they've had such an amazing time and made so many wonderful new friends. That's a great feeling!" heather Coumbe, solo host "From my childhood days I had a passion for nature that made me study Natural History in Costa Rica, my home country. I started guiding trips through the rainforests and parks in Costa Rica when nature tourism was just starting, and then became a Tour Manager for Saga fourteen years ago. I feel I have now found the ideal job where I can transmit my passion in nature to these enthusiastic travellers that come to discover not only the wonders of the tropics, but the joy of traveling with a similar group of people." eugenia chavarria, tour manager 7