Saga Holidays - Solo Holidays January-December 2020 TRADE
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Makala Thomas, Solo Holiday Creator

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Hello! I'm thrilled to introduce our latest Solos brochure which is bursting with a variety of hotel stays, tours, river cruises and boutique cruises aboard our exclusive small ships. We've been providing solo holidays for a number of years, and with more and more people choosing to travel solo, the team and I have developed some fantastic holidays tailored exclusively to solo guests. Whether you like to enjoy a little independence when you travel, prefer your own room when travelling with friends, or simply want to visit a dream destination your partner may have already visited, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that makes travelling solo so appealing, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of tempting holidays in the following pages. Makala Thomas, Solo Holiday Creator Cruise aboard Douro Qu een Contents Holidays 2-51 Hotel stays Tours River cruises 2 Ocean cruises 52-91 16 21 46 Boutique cruises aboard our own ships Booking conditions 52 95