Saga Holidays - Solo Holidays January-December 2020 TRADE
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Spirit of Adventure contd.

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SUITE B001 B002 B003 B004 B005 B006 B007 B008 B009 B010 B011 B012 B014 B015 B016 B017 B018 B019 B020 B021 B022 B023 B024 B025 B026 SUITE C501 C502 C503 C504 C505 C506 C507 C508 C509 C510 C511 C512 C514 C515 C516 C517 C518 C519 C520 C521 C522 C523 C524 C525 C526 C527 C528 C529 C530 C531 C532 C533 C534 C535 C536 C537 C538 C539 C540 C541 C542 C543 C544 C545 C546 C547 C548 C549 C550 C551 C552 C553 C554 C555 C556 C557 C558 Lifts Lifts SUITE C001 C002 C003 C004 C005 C006 C007 C008 C009 C010 C011 C012 C014 C015 C016 C017 C018 C019 C020 C021 C022 C023 C024 C025 C026 C027 C028 C029 C030 C031 C032 C033 C034 C035 C036 C037 C038 C039 C040 C041 C042 C043 C044 C045 C046 C047 C048 C049 C050 C051 C052 C053 C054 C055 C056 C057 C058 D523 D524 D525 D526 D527 D528 D529 D530 D531 D532 D533 D534 D535 D536 D537 D538 D539 D540 D541 D542 D543 D544 D545 D546 D547 D548 D549 D550 D551 D552 D553 D554 D555 D556 D557 D558 D559 D560 D561 D562 D563 D564 D565 Lifts Lifts D023 D024 D025 D026 D027 D028 D029 D030 D031 D032 D033 D034 D035 D036 D037 D038 D039 D040 D041 D042 D043 D044 D045 D046 D047 D048 D049 D050 D051 D052 D053 D054 D055 D056 D057 D058 D059 D060 D061 D062 D063 D064 D065 E523 E524 E525 WC E023 E024 Lifts The Ward Room WC Hydrotherapy Pool The Spa WC WC Craft room WC WC Promenade deck WC fts E025 Lifts The Shop Lifts The Salon C deck D deck B028 B029 B030 B031 B032 B033 B034 B035 B036 B037 B038 B039 B040 B041 B042 B043 B044 B045 B046 B047 B048 B049 B050 B051 B052 B053 E deck B027 Main deck The Living Room Library Saga World Reception Photographer Card room The North Cape Bar The Shop Explore Ashore Guest Services WC WC fts E526 E527 E528 E529 E530 E531 E532 E533 E534 E535 E536 E537 E538 E539 E540 E541 E542 E543 E544 E545 E546 E547 E548 E549 Lifts E026 E027 E028 E029 E030 E031 E032 E033 E034 E035 E036 E037 E038 E039 E040 E041 E042 E043 E044 E045 E046 E047 E048 E049 WC WC WC Lifts Promenade Deck Lifts Bar The Supper Club Khukuri House The Dining Room WC Amalfi The Terrace The Terrace Standard twin with balcony Deluxe single NS PS D Deck J K L D001,D002, D004, D005, D006, D008, D009, D010, D011, D012,D015, D016, D017, D018, D019, D020, D021, D022, D025^, D046, D047, D048, D049, D051, D052, D053, D055, D056, D057, D058, D059, D061, D062, D063, D064, D065, D501, D502, D504, D505, D506, D508, D509, D510, D511, D512, D515, D516, D517, D518, D519, D520, D521, D522, D526^, D546, D547, D548, D549, D551, D552, D553, D555, D556, D557, D558, D559, D561, D562, D563, D564, D565 E010, E011, E012, E014, E015, E016, E017, E018, E019, E020, E021, E022, E029, E030, E031, E032, E033, E034, E035, E036, E037, E038, E039, E040, E510, E511, E512, E514, E515, E516, E517, E518, E519, E520, E521, E522, E529, E530, E531, E532, E533, E534, E535, E536, E537, E538, E539, E540 E001#, E002#, E003#, E004#, E005#, E006#, E007#, E008#, E009, E041, E042, E043, E044, E045, E046, E047, E048, E049, E501#, E502#, E503#, E504#, E505#, E506#, E507,# E508#, E509, E541, E542, E543, E544, E545, E546, E547, E548, E549 B525~ S007, S507 C025, D026 A004, A008, A012, A038, A041, A506, A510, A515, A540, A543 B005, B009, B014, B043, B046, B048, B505, B509, B514, B543, B546, B548 D003, D007, D014, D050, D054, D060, D503, D507, D514, D550, D554, D560 A030, A031, A032, A532, A533, A534, B034, B035, B036, B534, B535, B536 C026, C027, C028, C029, C030, C031, C038, C039, C040, C526, C527, C528, C529, C530, C531, C538, C539, C540 D027, D028, D029, D030, D031, D032, D033, D034, D035, D036, D037, D038, D039, D040, D043, D044, D045, D527, D528, D529, D530, D531, D532, D533, D534, D535, D536, D537, D538, D539, D540, D543, D544, D545, E026, E027, E028, E526, E527, E528 Sun Deck C Deck, &, D, Deck Superior single with balcony QS RS SS A Deck B Deck D Deck E Deck Standard single with balcony TS US A Deck & B Deck C Deck E Deck Single suite MS B Deck WS D Deck & E Deck ^ Wheelchair adapted ~ Separate bath and shower Interconnecting cabins available to purchase together # This cabin has a partially obstructed view Treatment rooms The Gallery D501 D502 D503 D504 D505 D506 D507 D508 D509 D510 D511 D512 D514 D515 D516 D517 D518 D519 D520 D521 D522 D001 D002 D003 D004 D005 D006 D007 D008 D009 D010 D011 D012 D014 D015 D016 D017 D018 D019 D020 D021 D022 E501 E502 E503 E504 E505 E506 E507 E508 E509 E510 E511 E512 E514 E515 E516 E517 E518 E519 E520 E521 E522 E001 E002 E003 E004 E005 E006 E007 E008 E009 E010 E011 E012 E014 E015 E016 E017 E018 E019 E020 E021 E022 The Playhouse Laundrette Laundrette Sauna Changing rooms Steam room Promenade Deck 91