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Spirit of Adventure

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Spirit of Adventure You can also view these deck plans online at The Britannia Balcony SUITE B501 A501 A502 A503 A504 A505 A506 A507 A508 A509 A510 A511 A512 A514 A515 A516 A517 A518 A519 A520 A521 A522 A523 Lifts SUITE B001 B002 B003 B004 B005 B006 B007 B008 B009 B010 B011 B012 B014 B015 B016 B017 B018 B019 B020 B021 B022 Lifts SUITE C501 C502 C503 C504 C505 C506 C507 C508 C509 C510 C511 C512 C514 C515 C516 C517 C518 C519 C520 C521 C522 C523 C524 C525 C526 C527 C528 C529 C530 C531 C532 C533 C534 C535 C536 C537 C538 C539 C540 C541 C542 C543 C544 C545 C546 C547 C548 C549 C550 C551 C552 C553 C554 C555 C556 C557 C558 The Fitness Centre The Gym The Britannia Lounge Bar Table tennis / Deck games S507 S508 Lift S007 S008 Lifts WC Changing rooms / showers S501 S502 S503 S504 S505 S506 S001 S002 S003 S004 S005 S006 A001 A002 A003 A004 A005 A006 A007 A008 A009 A010 A011 A012 A014 A015 A016 A017 A018 A019 A020 A021 A022 B502 B503 B504 B505 B506 B507 B508 B509 B510 B511 B512 B514 B515 B516 B517 B518 B519 B520 B521 B522 B523 B524 B525 B526 Dancefloor Laundrette WC S509 S009 Lifts B023 B024 B025 B026 Lift Observation deck Hot tubs A524 Lido deck Sun deck The Lido Open to below A526 A527 A528 A024 A025 A026 A027 A028 A029 Lifts B528 B529 B530 B531 B532 B533 B534 B535 B536 B537 B538 B539 B540 B541 B542 B543 B544 B545 B546 B547 B548 B549 B550 B551 B552 B553 Lifts B028 B029 B030 B031 B032 B033 B034 B035 B036 B037 B038 B039 B040 B041 B042 B043 B044 B045 B046 B047 B048 B049 B050 B051 B052 B053 WC Stage WC A529 A530 The Bunker WC A531 Lifts WC The Grill Outdoor games area WC WC WC WC Lifts A532 A533 A534 A535 A536 A537 A538 A539 A540 A541 A542 A543 A544 A545 A546 A547 A548 A549 A030 A031 A032 A033 A034 A035 A036 A037 A038 A039 A040 A041 A042 A043 A044 A045 A046 A047 C deck A deck B deck A525 A023 B527 B027 Lift Sports court The Verandah Cabin grades and numbers Twin, Suites AA BB CC DD EE EJ FF GG Standard twin with balcony B Deck C Deck A Deck, B Deck, & C Deck B001~, B501~ C001~, C501~ A044~, A047~, A546~, A549~ B052~, B552~, C058~, C558~ A022~ , A023~, A024~, A025~, A026~, A027~, A524~ , A525~, A526~, A527~, A528~, A529~ A021^, A523^ B025~, B026~, B027~, B028~, B029~, B030~, B031~, B526~, B527~, B528~, B529~, B530~, B531~, C032~, C033~, C034~, C035~, C532~, C533~, C534~, C535~ F G A Deck, A Deck B Deck C Deck H Twin, Deluxe A B C D E A017, A018, A019, A020, A029, A519, A520, A521, A522, A530, S008, S508 B021, B022, B023, B024, B032, B033, B521, B522, B523, B524, B532, B533, C022, C023, C024, C037, C522, C523, C524, C525, C536 D023, D024, D041, D042, D523, D524, D525, D541, D542 E023, E024, E025, E523, E524, E525 A Deck & Sun Deck B Deck C Deck D Deck E Deck I S001, S002, S003, S004, S005, S006, S009^, S501, S502, S503, S504, S505, S506, S509^ A001, A002, A003, A005, A006, A007, A009, A010, A011, A014, A015, A016, A028^, A033, A034, A035, A036, A037, A039, A040, A042, A043, A045, A046, A501, A502, A503, A504, A505, A507, A508, A509, A511, A512, A514, A516, A517, A518, A531^, A535, A536, A537, A538, A539, A541, A542, A544, A545, A547, A548 B002, B003, B004, B006, B007, B008, B010, B011, B012, B015, B016, B017, B018, B019, B020, B037, B038, B039, B040, B041, B042, B044, B045, B047, B049, B050, B051, B053, B502, B503, B504, B506, B507, B508, B510, B511, B512, B515, B516, B517, B518, B519, B520, B537, B538, B539, B540, B541, B542, B544, B545, B547, B549, B550, B551, B553 C002, C003, C004, C005, C006, C007, C008, C009, C010, C011, C012, C014, C015, C016, C017, C018, C019, C020, C021, C036^, C041, C042, C043, C044, C045, C046, C047, C048, C049, C050, C051, C052, C053, C054, C055, C056, C057, C502, C503, C504, C505, C506, C507, C508, C509, C510, C511, C512, C514, C515, C516, C517, C518, C519, C520, C521, , C537^, C541, C542, C543, C544, C545, C546, C547, C548, C549, C550, C551, C552, C553, C554, C555, C556, C557 Sun Deck A Deck B Deck C Deck 90