Saga Holidays - River Cruises March-December 2020
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The Danube contd.

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THE DANUBE On its journey across Europe from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube flowsthrough a truly colourful world ­ widefertile plains, narrow canyon-like gorges, wildlife-rich wetlands, great historic cities... there's something new round every bend. Iron Gates Gorge The Iron Gates Gorge is without doubt the most dramatic stretch of the Danube. Here the river forces its way between the towering cliffs of the Balkan and Carpathian Mountains, forming a natural border between Romania and Serbia. As well as the breathtaking scenery, keep a look out for some man-made marvels too. Belgrade Serbia's capital has a distinctive appeal. If it's history you're after, look no further than Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Fortress. Occupying a ridge above the confluence of the Danube and Sava, this symbol of the city has witnessed its birth and many rebirths since. Now the city has re-emerged as a thriving centre of nightlife and café culture. Bratislava The capital of Slovakia has all the classic historic sites ­ castle, cathedral, city gate, palaces, churches and more ­ many of them easily visited on a stroll through the old town. Oryou could see it all from on high, with a visit to the UFO, aunique observation deck perched atop a pylon of the city's New Bridge, some 310ft above the Danube. 61