Saga Holidays - River Cruise Collection Aug 2019-Nov 2020 TRADE
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Contrast tranquil river scenery with vibrant cities

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Bad Schandau One of the many highlights of a cruise along the Elbe is the spa town of Bad Schandau, situated on the edge of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Here you can enjoy spectacular scenery as you cruise through the beautiful gorge of Bohemian Gate, and you can explore the medieval town centre and botanical gardens. The Elbe Sandstone M ountains, page 120 Cruise the incredible Kiel Canal Spend some time in Kiel, strolling along its waterfront promenade, and perhaps pausing in a cafe as you watch ships arrive and depart through this busy harbour. You'll cruise the length of the Kiel Canal this afternoon, a perfect opportunity to admire the engineering ingenuity of the world's busiest man-made waterway. Cruise the Kiel Canal, page 122 The world is waiting to meet you 112