Saga Holidays - Inspire June 2019
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Mix the perfect Bellini

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BELLINI This delicious aperitif was invented at the famous Harry's Bar in Venice. Ingredients Four ripe peaches (or peach juice) Sugar syrup Prosecco Crushed ice MIX THE PERFECT Place four ripe peeled peaches into a blender, and puree. Next, strain the mixture and refrigerate until cold. If you're feeling lazy you can just use peach juice and save on the washing up. Mix two parts of your peach puree (or juice) with one part of sugar syrup. Lip smackingly good already. Add 20ml of the sticky delicious peach syrup to your Champagne glass with crushed ice, and top with Prosecco. Stir with a smile, before sipping it down. Ceviche in Peru Peru's national dish of fresh fish marinated in key lime or bitter orange, served with sliced onions and chili peppers is a zesty delight. 11