Saga Holidays - Inspire June 2019
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Food and travel go hand in hand

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FOODIE Good food and travel have always gone hand in hand, but now more and more of us are looking at travel from a culinary perspective. It's not just about the sights we can visit, it's about getting an authentic cultural experience; and one of the more important aspects of any culture is its cuisine. Food can teach you about the history, traditions and social norms of a country on a deeper more engaging level, and that's why many of us want to experience a destination from a local's point of view. Food brings people together, and as you are enjoying that homemade pasta in Italy, tasting the fresh made-that-morning bread in France, laughing with friends over tapas in Spain or smelling lemongrass, chile and garlic on a street stall in Thailand, you are getting an insight into that country's authentic heart. INTRIGUED 8 HEAVEN