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Las Fallas FestivalMardi Gras

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Las Fallas Festival March 15-19, 2020. Loud, frantic, colourful and crazy, Valencia comes alive in March when the famous Las Fallas Festival takes place. Although the Spanish calendar has thousands of other festivities, Fallas is one of the biggest and not to be missed. The burning of huge ninots harks back to a time when, in winter, carpenters burnt candles on planks of wood which slowly burnt away as spring approached. You'll see ninots, in the shape of famous celebrities and fantastical characters, marched in loud parades during the day and burnt at night. Mardi Gras 25 February 2020. New Orleans' decadent festival, Mardi Gras, dates back thousands of years and, like Christmas, is a season and not just one day. There are many Mardi Gras traditions in New Orleans and some may seem bizarre, but they all have their roots in the history of the carnival. The colours of Mardi Gras are purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power and were the colours of Grand Duke Alexis's royal house. Beads are thrown to those who exude the qualities imbued in the beads, and give a year of good luck to the revellers who manage to catch them. 7