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Japan's Cherry Blossom FestivalHoi An Lantern Festival

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Japan's Cherry Blossom Festival March-April. Cherry blossom festivals, hanami, are an important custom in Japan and are held across the country throughout the spring. The custom is all about the enjoyment of beauty, and hanami literally means `viewing flowers'. They have inspired poets, artist and writers for more than a thousand years, and today people come to picnic under the trees during the day and to revel under them at night. Hoi An Lantern Festival Every month through the year. Hoi An's lantern festival is a monthly event to celebrate the full moon, and is held on the 14th day of each lunar month, when the moon can be seen at its best and brightest. In the town itself you'll find many colourful lantern stores made by local artists. These beautiful lanterns are lit with candles on festivals days, and placed on the Hoai River as an offering to God and our ancestors. Why not... take a serene sampan trip and float amongst the beautiful lanterns?