Saga Holidays - Inspire June 2019
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Holi, India's Festival of Colours contd.

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Each colour is symbolic in Hinduism. RED represents sensuality GREEN life and happiness YELLOW knowledge BLUE determination, and WHITE for purity Holi India's Festival of Colours March 9-10, 2020. This is one of the most photogenic festivals in the world, and you're likely to have seen images of this vibrantly colourful celebration of love, colour, fertility and triumph of good over evil, but why not experience it for yourself? Holi has been celebrated as far back as the 4th century, and its origins can be found in many stories from Hindu mythology. One of these legends tells of the love between deities Radha and blue-skinned Krishna, and how his mother painted his face to stop his self-consciousness about his skin colour. Lovers have continued this tradition ever since, painting their faces the same colour to celebrate their love. The festival begins the night before with Holika Dahan, a ritual burning of pyres and an effigy of the demon Holika. On the day itself, Rangwali Holi is observed with participants covering each other in coloured fine powers called gulal. 5