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SPAIN With such an extensive coastline, the Spanish Costas can give you a new place to explore with every holiday. Centuries of influence from the Romans and Moors, give Spain a unique culture and way of life that's so enchanting to those who visit. Albir The town of Albir in Alicante is a great location with something for everyone. There is a long beach to soak up the sun, a Sunday market and plenty of spots to relax and dine ­ or hop on the bus and head to bustling Benidorm. You can also explore the dramatic landscape of the Sierra Gelada national park, right on Albir's doorstep. Almuñécar This historic town is on Spain's south coast, the Costa Tropical, which certainly lives up to its name with its exceptional climate. Almuñécar has a rich history that you can see at a glance with its castle, old town and many Roman monuments. Of course, there are beaches galore and gastronomic fayre that makes the most of its local produce. Playa de Berria On the Cantabrian coast, bookended by the Punta del Aguila and the Punta del Brusco, is the magnificent beach, Playa de Berria. This 2km-long stretch of golden sandy beach is one of the best in the area, just north of the town of Santoña, birthplace of the cartographer Juan de la Cosa. Huelva Get off the beaten track on the `secret coast' between Cadiz and Portugal. Huelva is famous for being the departure point for Christopher Columbus before setting off across the Atlantic. As well as a long history, there is a haven for birdwatchers in the estuary's marshlands where migrating flamingos congregate. 17