Saga Holidays - European and Worldwide holidays March 2020-June 2021
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Soak up the atmosphere in Phuket, Thailand As well as seeing the stunning beaches and bays for which Phuket is famous, you'll also visit the ornate temple of Wat Chalong and the gilt statue of Luang Por Cham a fantastic way to learn about the island's rich culture. See page 174 Venture to Nuns Valley, Madeira Travel through Madeira's incredible countryside to Eira do Serrado, and you'll be rewarded with a fantastic panorama of Nuns Valley, which is set at the bottom of a volcanic crater. You'll head into the crater to visit the village there where you can enjoy a slice of Madeira cake accompanied with some of the local cherry liqueur. See page 92 Experience a glass-bottom boat ride on the Red Sea, Egypt One of the best ways to see the colourful underwater life of the Red Sea is on a glass-bottom boat trip. You can see an array of fish darting in amongst the reefs without even getting your feet wet! See page 156 9