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Hotel Marko Polo contd.

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To find out more visit Korcula old town Croatian Tourist Board The birthplace of Marco Polo One of the island's claims to fame is as the birthplace of the famous merchant and explorer, Marco Polo, after whom the hotel is named. Born in 1254, the exact date and place of Marco Polo's birth are unknown, but most historians agree he came from Venice. However, Korcula was a part of the Venetian Republic in the 13th-century and the Polo family had long trading links with the island, leading to the rival claim. On your included walking tour of Korcula town, you can see the house in which Marco Polo is reputed to have been born, now a small museum, and decide for yourself. Whilst the truth about Marco Polo's birthplace will never be known for certain, he has become a symbol for the island, with hotels, bars, restaurants and even an annual festival named after him. To book see page 195 and call FREE on 0800 300 500 or visit Please quote STY19 111