Saga Holidays - European and Worldwide Holidays Sep 2019-Dec 2020
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What will you discover? contd.

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TUGAL AND M ADEIRA POR From Portugal's golden beaches and Madeira's colourful gardens to the volcanic landscapes of the Azores ­ what will you discover? Funchal Lido You'll find many of the hotels on the Lido in the west end of Funchal, as well as stylish shops and cafés. It's linked to the pebbled Praia Formosa beach and the centre of Funchal by a promenade bordered by palm trees and botanical gardens ­ the perfect place for an evening stroll and watch the sun go down. Stroll the Lido, page 92 Walk Madeira's levadas Madeira is criss - crossed with not only ancient pathways but a unique network of disused irrigation channels known as levadas. Enjoy a variety of picturesque walks either with a local guide or independently. These trails are a great way to really discover the island and there are so many great trails to choose from around the coast and further inland. Enjoy scenic walks, page 96 91