Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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To find out more visit Fabulous Andalusian dress "A great escape from the UK winter in February. The hotel is well placed for walking both ways along the very long promenade with a variety of aspects to enjoy along the way. There is also a great bus service stopping outside the hotel. A good buffet service with plenty of choice. The hotel is kept immaculately clean. The staff are very friendly." Pauline, Broadstairs Benalmadena Marina Your base at the Best Triton Hotel is perfect for visiting Benalmadena and its marina, regularly voted the best in the world. It officially opened in 1979 under the name Port au Prince, but three years later was renamed Puerto Marina Benalmadena. It is renowned for its unique design, with hexagonal `islands' in the marina allowing for extra mooring space, taking its overall capacity to more than 1,000 vessels. It is one of the Costa's most vibrant hubs, with a host of shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife to choose from. To book, please visit your Travel Agent 37