Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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Walk Madeira's levadas Madeira is criss-crossed with not only ancient pathways but aunique network of disused irrigation channels known as levadas. Enjoy a variety of picturesque walks either with a local guide or independently. These trails are a great way to really discover the island and there are so many great trails to choose from around the coast and further inland. Enjoy scenic walks, page 108 Go whale watching on the Azores The Azores is one of the world's premier whale and dolphin-watching sites, where 25 species of cetaceans either inhabit or pass through these waters on their great migration. Spot these beautiful creatures with expert Diarmid Doody, and enjoy his indepth insights, as you try to spot big whales like fin, sei, brydes, humpbacked and blue whales, as well as common, bottlenosed and Atlantic spotted dolphins. See whales with Diarmid, page 120 The world is waiting to meet you 94