Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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NORTH AND CENTRAL EUROPE From the beautiful coastlines of Croatia and Montenegro, to the authentic traditional villages of Sardinia and the iconic cities of Italy there's so much to discover! Named the City of Culture of 2019, Matera is situated in a rem ote corner of the Basilicata region of Sou thern Italy, and is known for its limestone cave dwellings. Excavated in 195 2 this cave complex has now become a UNE SCO World Heritage Site and is often use d for biblical scenes in films. Exp lore the rock churches of St Lucia all e Malve, with its 13th-century fresco es, and the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario museum. Matera City in Italy Explore Matera, page 188 123