Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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Ivana Cilipi Folklore contd.

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"At a certain point in the dance we look for volunteers. We get a lot of shy people... understandably. But Sam was easy to tempt on stage. She nodded and clicked her fingers for a second and suddenly... she was lost in it. Reinventing the routine! Fearless. We loved her. She threw herself into it. And took some persuading to make way for the next dance, too. We continued the fun into the evening and she must have been one of the last ones dancing in the square. Some people prefer to enjoy these things from a distance but Sam from Margate parties hard." From small ship cruises around the Greek Isles to hotel stays on the Spanish coast, a tour of Croatia is just one of our many European holidays. To meet people like Ivana, head to page 132