Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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CONTENTS SPA IN AND HER ISL ANDS PAGE 12 14 61 68 72 80 86 88 Spain Majorca Minorca Tenerife Gran Canaria Fuerteventura Lanzarote Canary Islands 158 Albania 160 Switzerland 162 Austria 164 Russia 166 Scandinavia and the Baltic 167 Norway 168 Iceland 170 Italy 178 Sardinia 183 and 190 Sicily 192 Corsica and Sardinia Special interest holidays Experience the incredible Verona Opera Festival, go birdwatching in Spain's national parks with a guide, explore Croatia's hidden gardens... Whether you're indulging a life-long passion, or discovering a new-found hobby, our Special Interest holidays are a great choice. There's a variety of subjects to choose from, including... Music Jazz Walking Birdwatching & Wildlife Garden Archaeology Each holiday includes excursions and visits, as well as an expert host who'll share their insight to bring your interest to life in a fun, informative and sociable way. You can find more details about our exciting Special Interest holidays on the holiday pages throughout this brochure, or you can find our full collection online at 92 PORTUGAL,MA DEIRA AND THE A ZORES PAGE 94 96 Portugal 108 Madeira 120 Azores EA STERN MEDITERRA NEA N AND NORTH AFRICA PAGE 194 196 Malta 204 Greece 220 Greek islands 234 Cyprus 245 Turkey 248 Egypt 258 Morocco NORTH AND CENTRA L EUROPE PAGE 122 124 Slovenia 126 Croatia 154 Montenegro 157 Hungary, Austria and the Czech Rep ublic PAGE 260 A FEW OTHER DETAILS PAGE 262 FLIGHT INFORMATION PAGE 264 BOOKING CONDITIONS 7