Saga Holidays - Europe and the Mediterranean Feb 2019-Mar 2020 Trade
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Taormina's Ancient Greek theatre, page 197 Indulge your interests... Immerse yourself in the local culture... Experience a holiday that's perfect for you Relaxed Tours On these tours you'll stay in no more than three hotels, which means less packing and unpacking, and more time to really immerse yourself in the local area. You'll be able to visit key sites on a variety of included and optional excursions, as well as discover your own hidden gems thanks to free time that you can spend any way you want. Activity Level We've rated each holiday based on how active it is, so you can choose a level that feels right for you: 1. Any walking will be at a leisurely pace for no more than a few hours. Travel between hotels will be limited to shorter journeys. 2. There may be a greater degree of walking on these tours, and sometimes the terrain is a little more challenging. These itineraries pack plenty into each day, which may mean a brisk pace and longer journeys. 3. These tours require a higher level of fitness and mobility as they'll often involve a lot of walking over difficult terrain, sometimes at altitude. Long journeys may be necessary and you may be required to access different modes of transport, such as 4x4s and boats. Every tour is unique, so we have categorised each as accurately as possible. More information can be found on the holiday page, and if you have any questions you can call our knowledgeable team who will be happy to help. Small-ship Tours Sometimes the best way to see some of Europe's most spectacular scenery is from the sea, which is why we created our exclusive small-ship tours. Carrying no more than 40 passengers these handpicked small ships provide a sociable atmosphere as they hug the coast, exploring tiny islets and harbours you'd otherwise miss. Active Tours There are some places in the world you simply can't see or experience without heading off the well-beaten tourist trail, and these adventures will take you there. Our Active Tours involve lengthy hiking, some of which will be over challenging terrain. Your expert guide will be with you throughout your journey, and you'll need to keep up with the rest of the group, but with rewards such as wild encounters, and incredible mountain vistas the effort is truly worth it. 6 Travel solo More than a fifth of our customers travel solo with us, which is why we offer many single rooms at no extra cost, as well as departures reserved exclusively for solo travellers. Whether it's your first time travelling solo, or you like to enjoy a little `me time', you can discover a variety of fascinating destinations with your fellow guests, or simply do your own thing. Be sure to book early so you can enjoy the best choice of departures. See page 261 for details.