Saga Holidays - Escorted Tours Sep 2019-Nov 2020 TRADE
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Uzbekistan's treasures Set in the heart of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan has an intriguing and romantic history. Here you'll find some of the most intricate examples of Islamic architecture dripping with cobalt blue and turquoise tile work. Explore the ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, and discover the mosques, minarets and mausoleums which were once desert hotels for the passing animals and people. Beautiful architecture, page 84 Oman's souks The frenetic atmosphere of Muttrah Souq is the first thing that hits you. After that, you'll be mesmerised by the sheer variety of textiles, spices, oils and antiques for sale at one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world. Remember, if you want to make a purchase, bartering for the best price is expected. Visit the souks, page 81 The world is waiting to meet you 76