Saga Holidays - Escorted Tours May 2019-Nov 2020
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Where will your adventure take you

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Where will your adventure take you? From exclusive small-ship cruises along the Croatian coast and a thrilling safari through Kenya, to a mesmerising adventure in Uzbekistan and a journey through China, there's a world of amazing moments to discover on our Escorted Tours. Each expertly-planned itinerary has been created to take you right to the heart of some of the world's most exciting destinations including the Galapagos Islands, Japan, Albania and more, so you can enjoy incredible moments and unique experiences that show a destination at its best. get the most out of the places you visit, enjo y an authentic expe rience and pe rhaps discover someth ing new, whic h is why our tours come with the added bonus of a kn owledgeable To ur M anager who wi ll accompany you throughout yo ur trip. They'r e not there to herd you around, bu t to make sure ever ything runs smoothly and that you enjoy the best possible tour experien ce. 2 LOCA L EXPERTI S WHENEVER YOU N E EED IT We want you to