Saga Holidays - Escorted Tours March 2020-November 2021
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Latin America contd.

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LATIN AMERICA From parrots to penguins, South America features a diverse range of flora and fauna, some found nowhere else on earth. There are many other exceptional aspects to this part of the world, from the spectacular scenery to cities full of vibrant character. Havana The rhythm of Havana will get you as soon as you venture into the wonderful world of this unique city. Time stands still, goes back decades, goes back centuries and then comes bang up to date at every corner. Be inspired and enlivened by the spirit of Cuba in the heart of Havana. Grenada Grenada is everything you'd expect the `Island of Spice' to be. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal turquoise waters, the verdant island is covered with evergreen nutmeg trees, along with cinnamon, cloves and bananas. The gardens and lush rainforest bloom with colourful flora making this laid-back island retreat a spectacular place to relax. Chichen Itza Proudly standing out on the Yucatán peninsula is the large Mayan city of Chichen Itza. At its centre is the magnificent stepped pyramid El Castillo, surrounded by other temples and impressive structures including the ballcourts integral to Mesoamerican life. The astounding architecture is richly decorated with carvings of jaguars, eagles and snakes ­ aswell as human skulls. Machu Picchu High above Peru's Sacred Valley is the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, nestled among sharp mountain peaks. Created with urban and agricultural sectors, this city in the sky also features the archaeological remains of ritual sites, temples, squares with a few roaming llamas too. Galapagos These remote volcanic islands far off the Ecuadorian coast lie on other side of the equator. Their isolation and distinct wildlife helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution, with creatures big and small from the tiny finches to the giant tortoise. Hop from island to island to come face-to-face with the archipelago's rich fauna found in the air, sea and on land. 149