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USA, CANADA AND THE CARIBBEAN Setting off for a voyage across the Atlantic has long been a quintessential cruise experience. And what adventures await you when you arrive... from the swaying palms of the Caribbean, ethereal beauty of Canada, to the buzzing cities of the US of A. Canadian wonders Newfoundland, Quebec, Halifax... our epic cruise to Canada is full of unique cities and spectacular scenery. One of the many highlights has to be sailing downriver to Montreal. It's a beautiful port that big cruise ships simply can't access. This is a spring break unlike any other. page 83 New York, New York So good they named it twice, but the attractions of this buzzing city are countless. Soar above in a helicopter, meet the Statue of Liberty, climb the Empire State Building, and that's just for starters. Or maybe you simply want to hit the after-holiday sales at Macy's or Bloomingdales? However you choose to take a bite of the Big Apple is entirely up to you. page 84 The world is waiting to meet you 82