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Grand Baltic

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BALTIC Grand Baltic Immerse yourself in the art and architecture of the Baltic Explore the summer residence of the Tsars in St. Petersburg and be blown away by the exquisitely beautiful Amber Room! Overnight stays · St Petersburg, Russia. Art on board · Watercolour art classes · Photography classes · Lectures on architecture To find out more visit The Baltic countries are home to a smorgasbord of the world's great art and architecture. See fantastic interpretations of Renaissance, Rococo and baroque flights of fancy in the great palaces. Wonder at Denmark's Nordic Versailles, Peter the Great's drippingly-opulent Peterhof Palace, and the stuccoed femininity of St Catherine's Palace. See a parade of changing architectural fashions on a boat trip past the mansions that line St Petersburg's Fontanka River, and measure these against the merchant's houses alongside Copenhagen's canals. All are a feast for the eyes. If domestic architecture interests you more than grandiose excesses, you can follow the medieval street layout in the Old Town of Gdansk and explore Stockholm's Gamla Stan, said to be one of Europe's best preserved medieval centres. For the last word in contemporary architecture, and to see the impact of social change and politics in the region, a visit to the award-winning Solidarity Museum is a must. The museum has an evocative design that hauntingly echoes the rusting hull of a ship and charts Solidarity and Poland's post-war fight for freedom. In contrast, the living open-air museum in Skansen has a superb collection of historic farmsteads and houses where you can admire Scandinavian domestic architecture and interiors, and see traditional trades, arts and crafts being practised ­ cinnamon bun anyone? Pictured clockwise from left: Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød; The main canal of the Peterhof Palace; Towers of Tallinn; The domes of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, in Tallinn 46 Please quote WVF19 Questions on an existing booking? Call FREE on 0800 504 505 or visit