Saga Holidays - Boutique Cruising 2019
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Nip ashore for a few days on the Continent

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MINI CRUISES Amsterdam... Bruges... Hamburg... Nipping ashore for a few days on the Continent has long been a glamorous affair. And our boutique ships are the perfect way to do it in style. pages 21,22 & 25 It's famous for being the cho colate city of the world. So when in Bruges, who could resist watching a master chocolatier at work? You'll be welcomed into his workshop to watch a true artist at work. Some of the delectable treats may includ e praline, hand-filled truffles and a var iety of milk, dark and white cho colate bars. Of course, all are ava ilable to taste and purchase. You can even try real Belgian hot chocol ate, served in a traditional met al teapot. It's pure liquid hea ven! Meet an expert chocolatier in Belgium The world is waiting to meet you 20