Saga Holidays - All inclusive Nov 2019-Nov 2020
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Introducing the authentic Spanish experience

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Our partner hotel, Juan de la Cosa, Santoña, Spain Introducing the authentic Spanish experience Saga's expert holiday creator, Richard Newsome, shares why he believes Juan de la Cosa is a Saga classic. "Saga is amidst a renewed drive to provide our guests with great quality, excellent value for money holidays, that offer something truly unique. We've chosen to partner with the family-run Juan de la Cosa, as they share our vision for welcoming guests as though they're our friends and family. Both the hotel owners and the Saga host, Belén, take great pride in embracing the needs of Saga guests and providing the highest levels of service. It may be clichéd to talk about looking for `authenticity' in a holiday package to Spain, but we believe this is the real deal. Imagine finding a Spanish all-inclusive hotel, where you have the option of relaxing at the bar to eat tapas and `pintxos' for lunch, as if eating at a street café in Bilbao's old town. This authenticity, coupled with a warm welcome from the latest generation of a Spanish family, with over one hundred years' hospitality experience, makes for a wonderful holiday. Juan de la Cosa's unique location is both on the beach and bordering a nature reserve, perfect for birdwatchers and walkers. If you're in the mood for adventure, spend a day exploring the majestic Picos de Europa mountains; Basque capital of Bilbao; gastronomic San Sebastian; or the city of Santander, where the social scene gravitates around El Sardinero beach. I've been lucky to live in this part of Spain, and the zest for life and friendliness of the locals is contagious. This, coupled with a strong social calendar of fiestas and saint's days, provide a great excuse for celebrating." A delicious demonstration TycattchoahoateeusoarterkcshefesthourteaetylalefyosydlfecspeyloSeermooilpcdeukotace'silniolstnsebunitdbpetrosaabaafectybliwkfsolettiontnohonteer­omyifthaoers,oonuygtfmrjoeooreuoloy'tsa'wdlhlato,enbnawweaknianniradteeyccbardlh,tul,eouFederentetaionl.aidcpAgkhees. "The cookery demonstration is a highlight of your stay at Hotel Juan de la Cosa. You are treated to an experience with the chef where you learn how to make a traditional Spanish omelette and taste different wines from Rioja, Rueda and Galicia to complement your dish." Margot, Hotel Owner 8 Please quote STAY9 Questions on an existing booking? Call FREE on 0800 300 600 or visit