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Welcome to Saga
Where can we take you?
Classic destinations and hidden treasures
Welcome aboard our exclusive ship
Celebrity guests joining you on board
Your river cruise includes so much in the price

Dutch and Belgian Waterways

Dutch and Belgian Waterways
Springtime in Holl and
Keukenhof and The Hague
A Taste of the Northern Dutch Waterways
Unforgettable Delights of the Netherlands
Floral Delights of Holland
The Dutch Golden Age A Voyage of Discovery
Undiscovered Treasures of Holland
Mahler Festival Cruise

The Rhine and her tributaries

The Rhine and her tributaries
Celebrating 250 years of Beethoven
Sounds of the 60s on the Rhine
Rock 'n' Roll on the Rhine
Castles and Fables of the Rhine
Romance of the Rhine and Main
Grand Cruise of the Rhine, Moselle and Main
Romantic Rhineland
Rhine and Moselle
Best of the Rhine
From the Swiss Peaks to Amsterdam
Majesty of the Middle Rhine
Bavaria and the Alsace
Jazz and Wine on the Rhine and Moselle
Where Rhine and Moselle Meet
Wine Towns of the Main and Rhine
Christmas on the Rhine

The Danube

The Danube
Danube Delta Odyssey
Prague and the Danube
Contrasts of the Danube
Gems of the Danube
From the Iron Gates to Budapest
Transylvania and the Danube
Vienna and the Blue Danube
Splendours of the Danube
Historic Cities of Europe

See More Of Europe

See More Of Europe
Across Europe
Grand European Voyage
Voyage Across the Continent

The Elbe, Oder and German Waterways

The Elbe, Oder and German Waterways
Berlin to Copenhagen
Berlin to the City of 100 Spires
Grand Cruise of the Elbe
From Berlin to the Kiel Canal

German Waterways

Secret Waterways of Germany

The Douro

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French Waterways
Douro Discovery
Lisbon and the Douro Valley
The Douro Valley with a Pousada Stay

French Waterways

Bordeaux and the Dordogne
Into the Heart of Provence
Colours of the Rhone
A Fortnight in Burgundy and Provence
Impressions of the Seine
Art on the Seine
The Classic Nivernais
Champagne on the River Marne

Spanish and Portuguese Waterways

Gems of Andalusia

Italian Waterways

Venice and Lake Garda
From the Dolomites to the Venice canals

Russian and Ukrainian Waterways

Russian and Ukrainian Waterways

Russian Waterways

St Petersburg to Moscow

Ukrainian Waterways

The Heart of Ukraine

Further afield

Further afield


Soul of Kerala

Vietnam and Cambodia

Voyage on the Mekong


Gr and Tour of China

About our ships

Welcome aboard our ships

Spirit of the Rhine

Our first purpose-built river ship
Bringing boutique to the riverways of Europe
Welcome aboard
Boutique cabins
Fine dining
So much included
Inaugural Cruise with The Bootleg Beatles
Undiscovered Gems of Belgium and the Netherlands
Flowers on Parade
Keukenhof and Dutch Delights
Jazz and Tulips in the Netherlands
From Rembrandt to Rubens
The Magnificent Rhine, Main and Moselle
Castles and Vineyards of the Rhine
From Amsterdam to the Alps
The Rhine and Glacier Express to St Moritz
Gilbert and Sullivan on the Rhine
Across the Continent
Wine Festivals of the Rhine and Moselle
Resplendent Rhine in Autumn
Mystery Cruise
Deck plan
A few other details
Cruise Calendar 2021
Booking Conditions

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