Saga Holidays - 2020 River Cruises and Spirit of the Rhine 2021 TRADE
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Classic destinations and hidden treasures contd.

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Off the beaten tourist trail Whilst you're likely to expect certain sights and ports of call during a cruise along the Rhine, Danube or Seine, it's the unexpected additions that will surprise and delight you. Holidays aboard our river ships feature carefully crafted itineraries to include the most interesting and unusual places to visit, such as the historic city of Vukovar in Croatia, where the Vuka and Danube rivers meet. Excursions included on many itineraries Glory in one of the world's largest flower gardens, Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe, or sample the region's best wines at a local vineyard. To add to your experience, many of our river cruises include excursions to outstanding local attractions. A tour guide at your fingertips You'll have use of our free audio headsets on selected ships. Listen to informative commentaries as you gently sail along the river, wherever you are on the ship. Or switch it off and enjoy the views with minimal interruptions, it's your choice. The same device will be used to hear your guide on excursions, or you can use it for independent sightseeing. Simply take the headset with you when you step ashore, then set off to explore using the interactive map as a guide. 7