Saga Holidays - 2020 River Cruises and Spirit of the Rhine 2021 TRADE
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CELEBRITY GUESTS JOINING YOU ON BOARD If you have a penchant for plants, a head for history or a weakness for wine, meeting one of our 2020 expert guests is sure to appeal. John Suchet Despite enjoying popularity as Classic FM's flagship breakfast show host, John Suchet may be best known as one of the nation's favourite ITN news presenters. What you may not know, is that John now devotes much of his time to his lifelong hobby, classical music, and in particular to the life and work of Beethoven. John will join our Beethoven Cruise (October 19, 2020) and give talks on Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss. Terry Waite, CBE You're sure to remember the traumatic kidnapping and capture of Terry Waite, who, as a religious envoy in 1987, was held hostage in Lebanon for over four gruelling years. Terry will join From Amsterdam to the Swiss Peaks (April 9, 2020) and Best of the Rhine (April 9, 2020) to share his perspective of world affairs founded on open communication, cooperation and a deep understanding of diverse cultures. 11