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Riddle of the Sands

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SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY Sailing: AUGUST 23, 2020 Riddle of the Sands Discover the setting for one of our greatest spy novels 7 nights ALL INCLUSIVE Balcony cabins from £1,816 Including optional travel insurance or a reduction of £22 if not required ≠ see page 93 for details. Save 30% or more on selected cabin grades^ We include so much in the price ≠ for the full list see page 11. Esbjerg To and from Dover Heligoland Hamburg Emden 1,233 nautical miles The tiny island of Heligoland August 23. Dover, England. Embark Spirit of Discovery. Depart 1700. August 25. Hamburg, Germany. Arrive 0800. Depart 1700. August 26. Esbjerg, Denmark. Arrive 0800. Depart 1700. August 27. Emden, Germany. Arrive 0800. Depart 2000. August 28. Heligoland h, Germany. Arrive 0800. Depart 1700. August 30. Dover, England. Arrive 0800. Disembark Spirit of Discovery after breakfast. Look out for the seals of Wadden Sea The Danish Wadden Sea island of MandÝ In October last (1902), my friend 'Carruthers' visited me in my chambers, and, under a provisional pledge of secrecy, told me frankly the whole of the adventure." (Preface ≠ Riddle of the Sands) `Riddle of the Sands' by Erskine Childers was published in 1903 and is regarded as one of literature's best espionage novels. Immortalised on film, television and radio, it follows Charles Carruthers and Arthur Davies as they take a trip to the Frisian Islands, only to become embroiled in uncovering a plot by the Germans to invade Britain. During your cruise, sail the waters of the Wadden Sea ≠ home to the Frisian Islands and described by Arthur Davies as "... a splendid sailing-ground...". Explore vibrant Hamburg in Germany and Esbjerg in Denmark, visit Emden, dissected by the River Ems, where one river bank lies in Germany and the other in the Netherlands. Venture to Heligoland ≠ once part of the British Empire and covering just over one-and-a-half square miles. During your cruise there will also be a screening of the film of `Riddle of the Sands', plus talks on espionage from a guest speaker. Explore ashore: Visit the island of Heligoland, once a part of the British Empire ∑ Follow in the footsteps of Davies and Carruthers on the island of Borkum ∑ Step into the world of shipbuilding at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg. To find out more visit DOUBLE/TWIN Standard Balcony from Deluxe Balcony Balcony Suite SINGLE Standard Balcony from Superior Balcony Deluxe Balcony Balcony Suite from from from from from Full fare £2,137 £3,166 £4,710 Full fare £3,100 £3,206 £4,876 £6,594 Current fare £1,816 £2,532 £3,297 Current fare £2,635 £2,725 £3,413 £4,286 Cruise code: SD033. Fares are per person for the lowest grade available in the category shown and are subject to availability and change ≠ see page 93 for details. ^Saving is available off the full fare on selected twin and single cabin grades. Please note: hLand by launch or tender. All excursions mentioned are optional, at an additional cost, and are subject to availability and change. Some of the highlights detailed may only be seen on optional excursions or by exploring independently. Days not detailed are spent relaxing at sea. To book see page 93 and call FREE on 0800 051 3355 or visit Please quote CPAJE 45